Keither Zeimet
My name is Keither Zeimet.  I am a five and one-half year cancer survirot.  A periodic mammogram conducted in April of 2003 revealed the presence of a growth in the chest wall behind my right breast.  It was surgically removed druing a lumpectomy performed in early May of that same year.  I then received six weeks of radiation treatment that was conducted at the Northeast Alabama RegionalMedical Center.  Since then I have taken daily medication, first Tamoxifin for a year followed by Arimidex.  My condition also is being monitored by Dr. Ellen Spurmelli, my Oncologist and by Dr. Jefferson Trupp, My Radiological Oncologist.  The Lord has blessed me to have done so well, and I hope tha my example will serve to encourage other cancer survivors in their struggle with this disease.  I also would urge every woman to be sure and have an annual mammogram.  They save lives.