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MERCK  Hot  Line   staffed by breast cancer survivors; 24 hr. toll free 1-800-221-2141(English), 1-800-986-9505 (Spanish)

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Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Survivors' HELPLINE:

Breast and Cervical Cancer EARLY DETECTION  Program of Alabama
The Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program is a program of the Alabama Department of Public Health aimed at providing breast and cervical cancer screening

Women without insurance or who are underinsured
Breast Cancer: 45-64
Cervical Cancer: 50-64 

Call: 1-877-252-3324 toll free for more information


Call this free service @ 1-888-477-2669
Partnership for Prescription Assistance
1) Know the names of the medicines you take.
2) Make the call!
3) A trained specialist will answer your questions and help you apply.