I'm A Steel Magnolia

I'm a daughter, a sister, mother,wife, and lover.
I'm tender, I'm tough
I'm a Steel Magnolia!

Pink ribbons on my clothing, scars across my chest
Courage in my heart and steel in every step
I'm a Steel Magnolia!

God raised me up and dried my tears
He filled me with amazing grace and calmed my fears
I'm a Steel Magnolia!

Pink ribbons on my clothing, scars across my chest
Courage in my heart and steel in every step
I'm a Steel Magnolia!

We cross the oceans, climb mountains steep,
Praying for a cure, our daughters to keep
We are Steel Magnolias!

Pink ribbons on our clothing, scars across our chests
Courage in our hearts and steel in every step

We are Steel Magnolias!!

-By Lenora Washington Johnson


Steel Magnolias Mission Statement

The mission of the Steel Magnolias Breast Cancer Support Group, Inc., is to encourage women to do self exams and get their mammograms.  Our health is our responsibility.  We have to be our own advocates.  If you are a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Steel Magnolias is a group of women who have walked the frightening path of breast cancer.  We are here for you.  Our newsletter and our support meetings are designed to send the message:        "You are beautiful! You are vital! You are loved! You are a survivor!



.....Steel Magnolias Song.....

I Hope You Dance

"If you get the chance to sit it out or dance, DANCE"



.....Steel Magnolias' Creed.....


Stand tall wounded lady

You've withstood the forces

That challenge.

Walk proudly this day;

The sacrifice you paid

Has carried you through.

Smile with silent confidence;

You've conquered the doubts

That haunt the fainthearted.

The wings beneath your feet

Have launched you upward

To new heights.


Used by permission of  Coach, Thomas Gerald Washington

Poem originally written in honor of the 1998, Moore, Oklahoma, Freshman 

         Football Team winning and securing the Holland Bowl                              

 Poem has been ammended for Steel Magnolias



Here's to the Woman

who knows where she is going

and will keep on until she gets there;

who knows not only what she wants from life,

but what she has to offer in return.

Here's to the woman

who is loyal to family and friends,

who expects no more from others

than she is willing to give;

the woman who is confident in her beliefs

and yet willing to listen

to what others have to say.

Here's to the Woman

who guides and inspires

not by quoting other's philosophies

but by living her own good example;

who accepts both victories and disappointments

with the same grace;

and rises above life's challenges and move on.

Here's to the Woman

who gives the gift of her thoughtfulness,

who shows her caring with a word of support,

her understanding with a smile;

a woman who brings joy to others.