Marti Warren
WHY ME, Lord?......He Answered "Why Not, You!"
   "Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord! Thank-you Jesus! I have had Breast Cancer!!
Wow! Is that what you expect to hear from a double masectomy survivor?  No, my story is different and unusual.
    In 1985, as a guidance counselor at Anniston High School, I was conducting a seminar for girls 9-12, teaching them how to do self-exams with the help of local registered nurses.  I was called from the meeting with an emergency call from my surgeon, and I heard "Marti, you have cancer!"  My reply (as a minister's wife) was, "The hell I do; I want a second opinion!" To which I was told, "Its been to Vanderbilt, and you have cancer."
    Thus began an 18 month journey of self-pity and anger at God, my family, and mostly myself.  During this 18 months, I lost both breasts, a section of my back, my wonderful parents died 30 days apart, I was estranged from one of my daughters, and after a fall (10 days after left breast removal), I fell at Lenox Square in Atlanta and broke my left wrist, my left ankle, and bumped up and down stairs on my rear and broke my tailbone.  Is this enough to bring on a reactive depression?
     One day, as I really was on my "Pitty Pot - Poor Marti," a dear friend responded to my long list of why me's with: "Hell, Marti!  You're not the only one who's lost her breasts! Your not the only one who's lost her parents!  Your not the only one with family pain and broken bones.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself!"
     If I had been slapped across the face, it would not have hurt more! I went home, fell on my knees, and promised God, if He would give me something to take my mind off me, I'd give it back to him.
     In October 1988, I opened my business, Recycled Antique Jewelry for Charity with business licences and an accountant.  As of today (Jan, 2010) God has blessed this small business with a total of $104,648.00 has been given to many charities, scholarships, families in need, and individual local school projects.
     Now, do you see how I say, "Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank-you Jesus! I have had breast cancer and sruvived! By the way, I just had my 78th birthday!!!!!!!